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The World’s ONLY 3-hour Real Estate show. REU Multimedia is heard weekly from 11 am EST 10 am CST on Saturdays worldwide on The Global Live Network
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Today, The Real Estate U Multimedia Show is a premier Real Estate show based in Houston, TX, which caters to the real estate industry. With a team of real estate experts, transactional professionals, and financial authorities and a host of weekly guests, The REU Show delivers intelligent and entertaining information via its Multimedia format; via The Global Live Satellite Network - Streaming TV, Social Media and Radio that makes sense by breaking down all the complex news in real estate, for the Consumer.
Our specialties include the fundamental principles of building, buying, and selling residential and commercial real estate. To achieve this, the Real Estate U Multimedia Show can be heard every Saturday from 11:00AM EST - 2:00PM. The REU Multimedia Show has been dubbed as being fun, informative, and entertaining, while delivering complex real estate news and trends. Our real estate show hosts are experienced and knowledgeable, which makes it easier for them cut through the noise to deliver crucial information and tips that are focused on the inquiring mind.
The panel of each show consists of real estate professionals and other experts who have a passion to educate the buyer/seller and to reinvigorate realtor, builder, and developer relationships. In doing so, The REU Multimedia Show works as a bridge to demystify the fog of confusion in the world of real estate and finance.
01 Vision 01VISIONAll of our professional real estate hosts at the REU Show adhere to the highest level of ethics and standards when it comes to sharing information and statistics on real estate. The information we provide is always aimed to increase our listener’s best interest. Our vision is to become the most watched real estate show in Multimedia and Internationally and across the U.S. and the number one destination for those interested in the real estate industry to get an expert perspective on all the latest real estate news and trends.
02 Mission Unlike other programs, our mission is to stay away from negative viewpoints regarding the real estate industry. Instead, we focus on educating, empowering, and engaging our viewers in the best and most efficient ways possible to help them achieve their personal “Dream.” To make that vision a reality, we are on a mission to deliver a high-quality Multimedia talk show where our real estate experts, transactional professionals, and financial authorities discuss all matters pertaining to the real estate industry in a fast-paced and very entertaining style.
03 Partnership Be part of Multimedia’s #1 Real Estate marketplace live from our The Woodlands, Texas-based studios and our life on location Multimedia productions via the Global Live Network Marketplace Concierge. REU introduces you to new opportunities.
The Real Estate U Show E.L Craine (3)
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We are a team of different artistic and skilled film producers who have the same aim of producing the best films to the beloved audience.
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