Jennifer Nina
Phone: (888) 202-2773

My Name is Jennifer Nina Long-Craine, married to the “DMB”, our host of the REU Show, mother of 4, and just like most entrepreneurs often wear many hats. I am also a producing Branch Manager for My Mortgage Inc. and currently managing offices in Texas and Florida. My Mortgage Inc, specialize in Residential Lending in 26 states, as World Nation Consulting LLC, privately owned, which handles commercial lending in ALL states.

Real Estate is the vehicle to my passion because I understand it to be the road map to acquire generational wealth. I enjoy its simple complexities. The passion is in assisting individuals in understanding the choices available to acquiring it and guiding them through the process. I am the one that is here to tell the world that if you want it, you can have it, when you plan it!

My superpower lies in the ability to tell you what others won’t, by creating transparency in the Mortgage process. Through my career, I have helped thousands of first-time home-buyers, investors and foreign investors, obtain Real Estate in the USA. To complete a mortgage application, you may go to, email me at and request a consultation or call me at 888-202-2773.

Buying Real Estate does not have to be complicated!!!