Why Advertise on REU Radio?

This is Houston’s only 2-hour Real Estate show that airs every Saturday from 11:00 am to 01:00 pm Central Standard Time, on “The Boss” FM 91.1 and worldwide network.

When it comes to creating brand awareness and promoting your business, REU Radio is an excellent medium to gain potential clients on a larger scale. Our hosts bring a high level of experience and expertise to each REU radio show. We don’t just equip our listeners with in-depth information that empowers them to navigate through the complex world of real estate, our service makes sure your message reaches out to a wider audience.

We are extremely excited about your participation and look forward to your acceptance of our offer. We are confident that our service will make a significant contribution toward the growth and profitability of both of our businesses over the short and long term and will lead to a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Be part of Metropolitan Houston’s #1 Real Estate marketplace live in our The Woodlands studios and live on location Radio/TV productions via the Marketplace Concierge.